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E-commerce available only for EU countries.
Pria de Ma | De Marchi Edition

Pria de Ma | De Marchi Edition

Can a small piece of sea glass,  collected in the sand, become an exclusive jewel that helps children find their smile again? YES!

The Prìa de Mä Gismondi 1754 collection was created to support solidarity projects dedicated to children all over the world.

Massimo Gismondi has created a jewel dedicated to the imagination of children, which conveys the uniqueness of the Maison. To do this he used small pieces of glass polished by the sea, collected by his son and his friends, on the beach of Boccadasse (in Genoa) on a spring day; small "gems" that he entrusted to the expert hands of his goldsmiths who transformed them into "sea stones" - Prìe de Mä in Genoese - then mounted on gold or silver to create a simple symbol, but still able to convey the exclusivity and high quality typical of GISMONDI 1754 creations.

The proceeds from the bracelet are destined to the Onlus Foundation G. and D. De Marchi in support of the "Vacanze Assistite" project: an activity with which the Foundation organizes every year a "Vacation experience" for about 50 young patients, taking care of all organizational and living expenses, making it possible for many children to experience a holiday. Prìa de Mä | De Marchi edition jewels are also available on our boutiques: Genoa, via Galata 72-74r and in Milan at Brian & Barry building.